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  January 07, 2003
Run DMC Star's Comeback
by Daniel R. Coleridge

This fall, the hip-hop world was rocked by the fatal shooting of Run DMC member Jam Master Jay. In the tragedy's wake, bandmate Daryl "DMC" McDaniels stays strong by holding onto his fond memories of the pioneering rap group's work.

"Run DMC was always about love," he tells TV Guide Online. "We weren't really the greatest rappers in the world, but everybody gave us love and we always gave it back. It was 70 percent love and 30 percent talent with us! We only did what the people wanted us to do."

With the release of her Under Construction album, his pal Missy Elliott has lit a fire under the grieving rapper. "That s--- is so deep and real," he says of the hip-hop bad girl's latest work. "I told Missy that's a perfect 10 album. I think that might be album of the year. People don't really make albums like that no more. That s--- inspired me to keep rapping!"

McDaniels is proud of his cameo in Missy's video for "Gossip Folks," her latest single off the album. "That's the one with Ludacris on it," he grins. "I'm playing a school bus driver. That's real big 'cause it's gonna be all over the world, and I'm rollin' with Missy Elliott."

He has also a solo album coming out this month called — in keeping with Run DMC tradition — Sex, Drugs and Rock 'n Roll. "Basically, when I do something musically, I try to go to the next level," McDaniels explains. "My music is heavily influenced by Pink Floyd, Neil Young and the Rolling Stones. That's the type of stuff I'm writing, but I'm gonna do it with a hip-hop flavor."

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for January 07, 2003
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