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April 07, 2005
Provided by:  Star Online
On a warm spring evening, the sight of a couple taking time to cuddle and light up a couple cigarettes in front of a home in Calabasas, Calif., normally wouldn't draw attention. Except on one recent afternoon -- Easter Sunday, to be specific -- the couple in question was Ashton Kutcher, 27, and his love Demi Moore, who, at age 42, is reported to be about 10-weeks pregnant with Ashton's child!

According to an eyewitness, on March 27, Demi and Ashton stepped outside while attending a get-together and headed to their car for a nicotine fix. "Demi walked out of the party with a lighter and cigarette, and Ashton followed, carrying a beer," says the source. "Demi looked like she was sneaking her cigarette since she and Ashton made such an effort to hide by their car."

Friends of the couple say that Ashton has tried to convince Demi that smoking may not be good for her but his own inhaling habit hasn't made it any easier for Demi. In addition, studies show his secondhand smoke could be harmful to a baby as well (see sidebar, in current issue). "Ashton is upset that Demi continues to smoke," says a source. "But Demi is having a difficult time quitting altogether especially since Ashton still smokes." So why would Demi -- a mom already of three girls with her ex-husband Bruce Willis -- be smoking if she's pregnant? One source close to Ashton says she thinks that Demi is deathly afraid of getting fat and that's why she is smoking up to a half-pack of cigarettes a day.

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