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February 08, 2006
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When she speaks publicly, Angelina Jolie is rarely afraid to say exactly what's on her mind. "I just speak very bluntly," she's said. And she proved her point in her Feb. 2 interview with Nightline's Cynthia McFadden. Though she didn't discuss her ever fascinating relationship with her Mr. & Mrs. Smith co-star, Brad Pitt, 42, the Oscar winner — who was at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, to talk about world poverty — was glowing as she chatted about her charitable work and Hollywood life.

On becoming a humanitarian:
"I think everybody needs a sense of purpose, a sense to be useful. And, you know, I've been working on films or doing things to try to work on my own career, my own life. And so, so certainly there was an emptiness in me."

On the Universal Declaration of Human Rights:
"It's the law. And, and we haven't been treating it that way. And when you look at these things, especially dealing with refugees or children's education or different things and then you pull this document up and you realize, education, that's Article 26. Children's education. Everybody has the right to an education, a free education. And these are things that we should just — we should just as adults know that — not just because it's morally a nice thing to do but it's — it's the right thing to do."

On getting a bill passed that would assist AIDS orphans around the world:
I'd like to put a lot of heat on the Administration to fund it. But I'd like to also, I'd like them to be clear about how they're funding it and if it's being taken away from something else. I'm shy when it comes to Washington, still a bit. I'm not shy when it comes to how much I care about something or if I feel that I have a right to talk about it because I've seen it firsthand.

On giving a half million dollars to charity:
I did, to coordinate the lawyers. Best money I've ever spent. You know, it's great. I make a very good living doing something I love. And I don't think I'd be comfortable with what I have if I didn't. I couldn't sleep at night if I didn't.

On giving up her Hollywood life:
I'd love to adopt just a bunch more kids, have a few, and — and yeah, just be traveling, be home. I'm not working the next few months, and I haven't worked much this year. And it's been really nice.

On Maddox's big year:
He's had a big year. New sister, new baby and a new name. And a new dad, yeah. He's great. He's very happy.

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